Family Medical Centre specializes in providing US immigration medicals. We have a designated  Panel Physician.

The medical examination will include a medical history review, physical examination, chest X-ray and blood tests for syphilis and gonorrehaer
Note: Its purpose is to screen for certain medical conditions relevant to U.S. immigration law. The panel physician is not required to examine you for any conditions except those the U.S. Public Health Service specifies for U.S. immigration purposes, nor is the physician required to provide you with diagnosis or treatment even though other matters related to your health might be discovered. This examination is not a substitute for a full physical examination, consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by your primary health care provider.

You must schedule your exam immediately after receiving you rinterview date from the embassy. You will be given and appointment date accordingly and based on availability.
Use contact form below to request and appointment.


Should you not receive a response within 1 working day, please contact office 011 783 7320 to follow up on appointment enquiry.

We are based at the Medical Mews Suite 108, inside the Sandton City Shopping Mall.
At the banking Mall, Opposite the Standard bank there is a lift, us this lift to Go to the 6th floor.
NOTE that on the day you will be directed to the Morningside X-Rays which is 2.5 km from the Sandton City Shopping Centre. You are required to use your own transport.

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On arrival, relax, help yourself to cup of tea/coffee.

You will sign-in and be given a briefing on the procedure for the day.

You will complete forms, declaration, medical, exam, Blood samples taken, vaccinations(if required), x-ray.

You will be advised to collect x-rays/ vaccination report on day after visit.

Note that pending result you may be required to be available and come in for additional tests. You will be advised accordingly post result/examination. You will be required to make travel arraignment accordingly to Family Medical Centre accordingly if additional day/s testing is required.

  1. Confirmation of your Medical Appointment (an email from Family Medical centre)
  2. 4 Recent South African sized (colour) photos
  3. Original Passport
  4. 2 X Passport copies in colour

    Your photographs must be in a passport-sized format, 45mm in height and 35mm wide. Your face must cover at least 29 mm in height, including your hair. The photo must show your facial features from the chin to the top of your head, the left and right sides of your face, and the top of your shoulders.

  6. Letter of appointment from consulate – 1 x copy
  7. Record of past vaccinations. Original & 1 x copy thereof.
  8. Covid vaccination – required. Original & 1 x copy thereof.
  9. List of all Medications currently taken and those taken in the last 5 year
  10. Black pen
  11. Wear mask on day

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