Saudi Arabia Immigration Medical Services

1. Fees are per applicant
2. All correct and complete documentation must be submitted to
3. Please ensure that ALL documents are scanned and emailed right side -up.
4. The turnaround times are applicable for all verifications.
5. If an applicant verification is rejected due to incorrect/missing documentation, a resubmission with correct documentation is a new application and the standard turnaround times and fees are applicable.

  • Missing/ incorrect documentation /incorrectly scanned documents will result in the verification being rejected. You will receive a rejected notification email.
  • If a verification is rejected a new verification and new application fee is required. The verification fees applicable are per the verification fee table
  • All resubmission applications are treated as a new application submission. The applicable fee must be paid for re-verification.
  • Submission of correct documentation after rejection without the applicable fee payment will not be processed. Only emails with relevant fee payment will be corresponded to.

Turnaround times are determined on the service level chosen:

Standard: This is a 3-working day (Monday-Friday) turnaround time from the time the applicant submits all the correct documentation.

Expedite: This is either a walk-in service or an email request for a same day verification. All payments and documentation must be submitted on or before 14:00 (Monday-Friday). Payment and Documentation sent and received after 14:00 will be processed next business day.  An applicant’s verification will only be processed once proof of payment and the expedite fee payment is made. All payments to be made as an immediate EFT and will be processed after the amount is paid into the bank account. Please email for banking details.


  • Official Medical Report with attached passport photo (See 6 Below)
  • Pathology Report /HIV -Hep B and C, RPR
  • Radiology Report / Chest Xray
  • Vaccination Record (Yellow Fever and Meningitis)
  • Proof of
  • ENJAZ number (e-number), From VFS


The doctors stamp must cover top right hand section of the photo as per the image below. The verification will be rejected if not compliant

Saudi Arabia medical report example

If your Visa verification is not responded within the applicable time frames:

  • Email:
    Provide the following Details on email: ENJSA #, Name, Surname
  • Or contact: 011 783 7320, press option 3

No escalation will be corresponded to if incorrect documentation/missing documentation, and /or if the turnaround time has not expired.

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